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CIPD Student Stories: Jennifer Underwood | CIPD Level 5 Review (L&D)


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Jennifer had no formal L&D training, so with the help of her employer, she took on a CIPD Level 5 Diploma with us. Find out more about her story below. 

I currently work as a Learning & development facilitator but came to the role via Librarianship, which I have an MSc qualification in.  Whilst I had developed some useful training and facilitation skills, having no formal background in L&D made me keen to boost my skills in this area.

I was lucky to receive some funding from my employer but since I was paying 50% of the fees myself, I had to shop around for a competitive provider.

ICS Learn offered the most cost-effective method for obtaining my L&D Level 5 Diploma compared to others I found and the ability to pay monthly was really handy!

I wasn’t particularly nervous about distance learning but if I’m honest, it’s been a lot more work than I imagined.  The first 2-3 months were the most challenging, getting used to the system and the course requirements. The first unit is very involved so be prepared to put a lot of work in! These are certainly no “tick box” assignments, they take a lot of time and work.

I have found that if I was to undertake all the course exercises (which aren’t marked), it would take me a significant amount of time to complete the course, alongside the marked assignments. Therefore, I have to be selective about how much I do in order to keep progressing within my allocated time alongside working full-time.  Generally, however, the course content is interesting and the assignments are relevant.

I’m getting into the swing of it and have just submitted my Unit 3 assignment. I find the tutors very responsive and helpful.

My advice to anyone beginning this course is to ensure you ask your tutors whenever you are unclear on anything, don’t struggle on silently!  There’s also a really useful Facebook group that you can ask questions from others on the course. 

On the whole, I’d recommend ICS Learn. The cost is good, the tutors are great and the assignments are useful.  Some of the unit material can be a bit confusing or overwhelming at times but if you persevere and ask the tutors for help, you will get over that bit!

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