Making a Difference

We're committed to building a better future – not just for our students, but for everyone.

At ICS Learn, we believe in supporting charities that are close to our hearts.

Each year, our team votes for which charity we should support, and we spend the year fundraising for them – with any money we raise kindly doubled by the company.

From abseiling from the Titan Crane to completing the Caledonian Challenge, we’ve done it all for our charities. We’re proud to know that the money we raise goes towards building a better future for so many.

And it doesn’t stop at fundraising: each year we get a paid volunteer day to help out with whatever our charity needs. Whether we’re disinfecting toys for immunocompromised kids or repainting a halfway house, we’re not afraid to get hands-on!

Our 2023 Charities: RSPCA

The Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) were the first to introduce a law to protect animals and have continued to work to ensure that all animals on farms, in labs, in the wild, and in our homes, can live a life free from suffering.

With help from highly trained officers and through investigation and prosecutions, they stand up to those who deliberately harm animals, acting as the voice for these animals while sending a clear message that they will not tolerate animal abuse in any way, shape or form. 

It goes without saying that we have the utmost pride in supporting this incredible initiative. 


Our 2023 Charities: Give a Dog a Bone

Give a Dog a Bone has a mission rooted in a rich history of passion for pets and people.

Founded in 2013, Give a Dog a Bone has dedicated themselves to enhancing the lives of animals and their owners. Their values of compassion, integrity, and commitment drive them to provide exceptional care and support to seniors seeking furry companions who need a loving home. 

With a legacy of providing financial support and Community Spaces to support their objectives, Give a Dog a Bone proves time and again that compassion is at the heart of what they do. 

Gadab Logo

Our 2022 Charities: Refugee Action

Supporting refugees and those seeking asylum since 1981, Refugee Action is proud to support people who have survived some of the world's worst regimes in hopes of showing them that the world can be a better place and that they can have a better future. 

To date, Refugee Action has helped hundreds of refugees rebuild their lives in the UK, mobilised over 150,000 people to take campaign actions, supported over 3,000 people to access housing and support, and provided training and support to over 90 organisations looking to help. 

Needless to say, we're proud to support this incredible organisation and their endeavours. 

Refugee Action

Our 2022 Charities: Refuweegee

Originally founded by Selina Hales in 2015, Refuweegee was created to extend a warm and helping hand to displaced individuals arriving in Glasgow. 

The organisation quickly grew, however, with Refuweegee gaining charitable status by 2016 through their work in distributing community-built, personal welcome packs and emergency support packs. 

Fast-forward to the present day and Refuweegee, with the help of their partners and volunteers, have now expanded their efforts to people not only in Glasgow but across Scotland, with an incredible 10,000+ care packages provided to refugees in need. 


Our 2021 Charities: SAMH

While lockdown put many of our plans on hold, our creative charity team came up with a host of new ways to raise money for our two chosen charities this year.

From a Guess the Pet Owner competition to sponsored lunchtime yoga sessions, we made the most of online fundraising for these two important mental health services.

Since 1923, SAMH has been Scotland’s biggest mental health charity, supporting around 4,000 adults and young people across 60 communities. They provide services in social care, education, suicide prevention, housing, employability, addiction recovery, active living, and more.


Our 2021 Charities: Mind

Mind provides advice and support aimed at empowering those experiencing mental health problems across the UK, as well as campaigning to improve services and impact mental health policy at a national level. They offer training and consultancy services within the workplace, and their InfoLine and Legal Line offer free confidential help over the phone to anyone who needs it.

Both SAMH and Mind are doing vital work in supporting mental health, and we’re so glad to have been able to support them in 2021.

Mind Logo 2

Our 2020 Charity: Crisis

Crisis works directly with thousands of people experiencing homelessness, offering one-to-one support with key life changes such as finding a home, gaining new skills and employment, and improving health and wellbeing.

They believe that homelessness is not inevitable, and that together, we can end it – and we were so proud to help them with this mission during our year of working together.

Crisis UK

Our 2019 Charity: CHAS

For more than 20 years, Children’s Hospices Across Scotland has been offering family support services for babies, children and young people with life-shortening conditions.

Within their network of hospice, hospital and homecare services, they offer a range of vital services including respite, palliative care and family support.

From wrapping presents at Braehead to a Christmas decorating competition, we were delighted raise funds for such a fantastic and much-needed charity.

Chas Logo 4

Our 2018 Charity: Quarriers

Quarriers is one of Scotland’s leading social care charities, running more than 100 services supporting vulnerable people who are facing challenging circumstances such as poverty, disability, or homelessness.

They also run the Willian Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre, transforming the lives of those affected by epilepsy.

We were delighted to be able to support their valuable work in 2018.


Our 2017 Charity: The Butterfly Trust

The Butterfly Trust provides a host of valuable services to people with cystic fibrosis in Scotland, from financial help and massage therapy to improve quality of life, to mentoring and befriending to build confidence and life skills.

Most of their services are run by an incredible volunteer outreach team which makes their important work possible, and we were delighted to be able to contribute to their work.

Butterfly Trust

Our 2016 Charity: MoveOn

MoveOn Scotland work with people affected by homelessness to help them secure a job, manage their money, create a stable home life, build strong social networks, and achieve their goals.

Their services include mentoring, befriending, peer education, training, volunteering, and providing trusted advice and guidance.

Their FareShare programme also collects surplus food from the hospitality and retail industries, and redistributes them to places in need such as homeless shelters and community centres. The ICS Learn team were delighted to use their volunteer day to help out in the FareShare warehouse!

Move On