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How to Choose the Best Accountancy Qualification for You

Everything You Need to Know About BCS Qualifications

BCS qualifications are a vital tool in your IT career development pocket. Here's everything you need to know about BCS qualifications.

The Ultimate List of UK HR and L&D Events in 2022 | Human Resources

Ace your career development goals by attending these UK-based HR and L&D events happening across the country in 2022.

5 Surprising Effects of Inflation on HR

HR departments across the country are starting to see the impact of eye-watering inflation. Here are 5 of the most surprising effects inflation is having on HR.

How to Find a Mentor in HR

We all need a bit of career direction sometimes. Use these simple techniques to help you find the perfect mentor to advance your HR career.

6 Proven Strategies for Building Your HR Network Naturally

Nurture your professional contacts and create lasting relationships to improve your career with these 6 evidence-based networking techniques.

How the UK Gov's 'Living With Covid' Plan Will Affect HR

What does the UK Gov's new 'Living With Covid' plan mean for our workplaces - and how will it affect HR professionals? We offer some thoughts here.

9 Quick and Easy Ways to Upgrade Your LinkedIn Profile

Harness the power of LinkedIn. Improve the performance and reach of your LinkedIn profile by following our 9 quick and easy ways to upgrade it!

How the metaverse could change the face of work

Far from being a buzzword, the metaverse could bring big changes to roles – just like the internet did. Here's how the metaverse could change the face of work.

Hack Your Brain – 7 Ways to Improve How You Learn

Harness the unique way your mind learns by hacking your brain! We look at 7 ingenious ways to improve how you learn.

How to Create a Hybrid Working Policy (With Free Template)

Is your organisation returning to the office? Use our free template to create a hybrid working policy that can help your organisation adapt.